Our story

The company
Dynamic Ear Company is part of the Sonova Group, the world’s largest hearing care solutions provider with 4,000 private hearing care centers that supply 65,000 independent hearing specialists worldwide. Sonova manufactures personal audio devices, wireless communication systems, hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing protection products.
We have been developing and producing a wide range of innovative in-ear acoustic solutions for hearing protection, communication and earphone applications for more than 15 years at our ISO 9001-certified facilities in Delft, the Netherlands.

The inventors of Ambient Hearing Protection
DEC was founded in 2007 to develop Dynamic Sound Technology (DST) – patented electronic acoustic attenuation technology with a valve that can be used as stand-alone hearing protection. The technology can also be embedded in communication systems, headphones or even hearing aids and hearables. In 2009, DEC started producing patented linear acoustic filters, and in 2011, we were the first to market linear attenuating universal fit hearing protection, also known as ‘ambient hearing protection’.
Ambient Hearing Protection is invented by DEC to overcome the problem of over occlusion, the feeling of remoteness from your surroundings as experienced with other hearing protection solutions like with tube filter earplugs, earmuffs and simple foam earplugs.
DEC Ambient Hearing Protection uses our patented mesh and membrane technologies combined with a large inlet aperture and high frequency catcher technology. The user retains full situational and spatial awareness and speech perception can even improved, especially in loud environments.

Patented Impulse (shooting) hearing protection
In 2014, DEC developed and patented impulse filter technology. Today, this technology is used by security services and by recreational shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

Ear piece leakage testing
Our first Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT) was patented and launched in 2015. This software runs on an iOS device. Combined with a sensor unit, the ALT measures whether an earpiece is properly sealed in the ear, ensuring that the right protection level is being provided.
Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT).

The inventors of Filtered Foam Earplugs
Filtered Foam Earplugs are the latest invention in the ambient hearing protection range. These earplugs incorporate a filter with large sound port and mesh attenuator. The technology allows for natural sound, good speech intelligibility and excellent sound direction. The viscoelastic memory foam provides a comfortable and easy fit. Filtered Foam Earplugs are the ideal ambient hearing protection for everyday situations and for use in the workplace.
Filtered Foam Earplugs.

ISO Certified Development and Production facilities
Dynamic Ear Filter complies with PPE regulation EU 2016/425 and is, if applicable, tested according to EN 352-2020, ANSI S3.19-1974 and ANSI IPIL standards. All our products are manufactured in-house at our ISO 9001:2015-certified production facilities in the Netherlands.
All production tools, testing software and methodology to manufacture with the highest quality levels is developed and created in-house.
We adhere high production and quality standards, e.g. all products are 100% Final Acoustical Tested.

DEC places high importance on R&D activity to stay ahead of its competition, resulting in a strong existing and growing patent portfolio.

Worldwide network
Our products are available through a worldwide network of OEM and private label distribution partners who serve multiple markets and industries, including the PPE, military, motorsports, professional music, leisure and aviation sectors. Each year, we produce millions of innovative acoustics filters that are accommodated in custom ear moulds by specialised laboratories.