DEC consumer products can be purchased via our distribution/reseller/audiologist network or from the Crescendo website.

Whether you work in a machine shop, in a club or as a steward at a music festival, employers are required by law to provide hearing protection to all staff exposed to noise of 85 dB and above. The quality of the hearing protection is dependent upon both the type of earplug used and the filter connected to that plug; it's these two parts together that constitute your hearing protection.

DEC develops innovative ambient hearing protection solutions to suit all environments. Our protection solutions also allow air into the ear. This helps to reduce ear irritation often suffered when using ear plugs as well as reducing the occlusion effect, a feeling as if your ears are full of water. All DEC's products are developed and produced in Delft, The Netherlands.

Our music filters are designed specifically to give the user flat attenuation. This means you don’t lose any of the music quality, the sound is safely reduced to a level that won’t cause hearing damage. Our Industrial filters remove the low and high-frequency noise found in harsh environments.
DEC's Impulse Filter technology is developed for military use and used by NATO soldiers and law enforcers. Hearing protection with DEC Impulse Filters protects the hearing from gunfire and impulse sounds from nail guns, drop hammers, fireworks etc., whilst this unique filter technology retains spatiality and sound directionality as required in working, hunting or combat situations.

All DEC products are suitable for both custom ear moulds and universal ear plugs. Each product has the same connection dimensions allowing the user to swap from one product to another, eliminating the requirement and investment in multiple custom moulds.