Filtered Foam

Dynamic Ear Company introduces the first reusable Filtered Foam Earplug.


Dynamic Ear Company introduces the world’s first Filtered Foam Earplugs; developed to provide hearing protection, all day comfort, situational awareness and excellent sound clarity in a re-usable earplug design.

Filtered Foam Earplugs have an integrated acoustic filter, are fully ventilated, provide protection from noise up to 104 dB(A) and allow you to communicate without removing your earplugs. This great product innovation, improves safety, increases worker compliance and offers the user a comfortable earplug that they will be happy to wear for their full day. The ventilated design reduces heat build-up, eliminating discomfort and allowing users to function normally, whilst being protected from dangerous noise levels.

Filtered Foam Earplugs are 100% acoustically tested, guaranteeing you the safety and performance of every single product.

Filtered Foam Earplugs, the low cost hearing protection solution with high end performance, for the workers and for the crowd.