Earpiece Acoustic Leakage Testing

Fit and seal verification of earpieces is critical to ensure the correct attenuation performance of hearing protection. A leaky earpiece will reduce performance making the user susceptible to hearing damage.


Why acoustic leakage testing of ear pieces?

  • Protection for both user and employer

    A leakage test provides evidence the earpiece is fitted correctly.

  • Multiple use

    Works on any custom ear moulds and generic fit earpieces that can accommodate DEC acoustic filters.

  • For all stakeholders

    Great for Audiologists, mold makers, hearing protection providers, safety officers and the end-user.
    Health and Safety departments can teach proper use of ear pieces with ALT, compatible with DEC’s generic fit earplugs.

  • All-in-One Kit

    The ALT app runs on any iOS device. Free download from the Apple App store with continuous version updates and 1 year warranty on the hardware.
    Package includes a sensor unit, calibration tool, and instructions in a handy case.

  • EU PP Regulation requirement

    CE Norm EN 352:2020 requires verification of proper sealing of custom hearing protection.